Mercury Lite Duty Mechanical Compactors are robust and aesthetically designed to fit in an Office space.The compactor’s bays are suitable to store Books and Files. The Compactor could be easily erected. The mobile Bays are easy to move.The compactors could be locked – providing restricted access.

Dimension in mm

8 Bay Variant: 2175(H), 2000(W), 2463(D), 4 Adjustable Shelves (5 Levels of Storage) in each Bay

12 Bay Variant: 2175(H), 2000(W), 3248(D), 4 Adjustable Shelves (5 Levels of Storage) in each Bay

For further information, kindly refer to the catalogue.

Key Features

  • Suitable to store Lever arch / Box files and Books
  • 40 kg uniformly distributed drawer load bearing capacity
  • Adjustable shelves at 32 mm pitch (1.25 inch), for convenient storage
  • Compactor could be locked.
  • Locks are supplied with Two Keys
  • Locks are Mastered – Locks have Master Keys for Administrator’s access (Supplied upon request)
  • Lock’s core/ barrel is exchangeable – Lock’s core could be changed in case the Key is missed (Removal key is supplied upon request)
  • Locks have 1000 combinations. Upon request, additional 1000 Key combinations could be provided. A set of 1000 Keys will have one Master Key.
  • Keys are 99% Anti-bacterial in nature
  • Pop rivet Construction
  • Supplied in Complete Knockdown Packing.
  • Available in 14 classic and 36 contemporary colour shades.
  • All CRCA components are powder coated in state of the art fully automated plant involving seven tank process. Samples undergo seven tests guided by ASTM Standards


Dual Shelf

Slotted Shelf

Slide-in Shelf Divider

Sliding Shelf Divider

Toast Rack