We warrant our products against defects arising out of manufacture, for a period of 12 months, commencing from the date of supply. At our option, we will repair or replace the defective component or product, with a new, or equivalent to new unit of the same, or equivalent component or product.

The warranty shall be limited to repair or supply of the component or product free of cost at our factory gate. The warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from improper assembly or installation, misuse, unauthorized modification or operation, in-transit damage, and improper maintenance. We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential or incidental damages, or any loss of income, profits or contracts, arising from any product defect and whether caused by breach of contract, negligence or other tort. We make no other express warranty, either written or oral, with respect to our product.

We could provide almost any paint shade. Not only the shades tagged with international codes, we could match shade, finish and property of the physical samples and details provided by buyers.

Here are our standard color shades

The flat pack product provides a winning combination to our dealer and final customer. The flat pack reaches our dealer safely and at a very low cost wherever he is located in the world. It takes up very little space in the dealer warehouse, easy and quick to assemble. The final product satisfies the end user on quality, price and delivery.

Visit the Mercury advantage page for more clarity on Flat pack concept.

            Our products are available from an extensive dealer network. Based on your location, we can direct you to a dealer close to you, or take care of your requirements ourselves.